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To make full use of all AAMS Software Professional Features, you need a Full User Registration License.
This license ensures the user a registration and a single license for all updates and features of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System version V4.x.
After a confirmed payment, you are a Fully Registred and Licensed member of AAMS full featured software. Afther payment is confirmed, we need your AAMS Username and Installcode. You can copy paste the AAMS Usernane abd Installcode and send it along the payment information or use the AAMS Contacts Form.

This video shows the Registration for AAMS V4 Professional Version. The Installcode, Email, Payment and the Recieve / Insertion of the Keycode. The playtime is about 2.5 minutes. 

Your can also send in your Username and Installcode found inside the AAMS software on the About page, by email.
In return you get the AAMS Keycode for the computer you use AAMS. A Full License Registration Code will be send to your provided user email adres. We will send an email back to you with the correct Keycode for AAMS. Then use AAMS Registration on the License tab and fill in your keycode.  And you are a registered and licensed AAMS Professional user!

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Freeware to Download, with high encouragement to Register for AAMS full professional version.
Registration ensures users to upgrade to AAMS V4 full version and all options opened and having full controls.

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(For Paypal Payments please allow some time for processing your payment, this can take up to a few hours. In the mean while you can pass you username and installcode, read for registration details the registration page)

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System is intended to assist musicians and sound technicians in creating the final version of their mixes, ready to be released to the public. The audio mastering process enables you to prepare a mix for being distributed by fixing distractions in tonality, volume, noises or distortion. A handy utility which supplies you with suggestions for equalizer or multiband compression, providing a useful audio mastering tool

Getting accustomed to the application doesn't require you to be a professional mastering engineer, although some basic knowledge and some time is required to find out what each function does. The interface is definitely note the best we've seen, but it provides one-click access to all the options. It takes some time to set up your own reference master and this is done by allowing the program to analyze sets of songs with characteristics similar to what you plan on obtaining. Practically, you can give all your mixes the feel of your best song. AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System aims to help you test the sound quality of your audio materials. It analyzes MP3 or WAV source files and then uses them as a reference system for further input sounds. Alternatively, you can use one of the many reference files that the application comes with. The collection includes reference systems for a wide range of genres, from classic music and ballads to disco, funk, electronic and rock. AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System enables you to view the waveform display and the spectrum graph of the loaded songs and provides suggestions for the equalizer, compression and volume settings. Also, it can be used for digital signal processing, applying the necessary corrections to your mix in order to make it sound great. Thus, you can adjust fading and get better results by using a multiband compressor or a parametric EQ, change the master balance, normalize WAV files and more.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System comes with a set of tools that can help you create your final audio or music, even if you don't know much about mastering. It allows you to correct obvious differences between songs and create a recording that can captivate the audience.


 AAMS Contact Form 


Install AAMS V4 on your computer. Start AAMS and go to the License Tab. See your Installcode and fill in below into this form. We will send you corresponding Keycode in return. If you did not Register AAMS before, we will send an invoice per email. If you have made a Payment and have a Transaction ID please fill this in.

Mostly we will react within the hour or within a few hours. When you have Registered or made a Payment, it can take some time to progress your payment or request. Denis, AAMS Author, www.curioza.com, sales@curioza.com

*For Paypal Payments please allow some time for processing your payment, this can take up to a few hours for Paypal to process your payment.
After Payment you can directly pass your Username and Installcode, read for exact infomation to register AAMS by reading registration details or the registration page)