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We all know that mastering is an all important part of the music audio process. An audio engineer buddy of mine suggested piping my video audio through a program called "Auto Audio Mastering System" or AAMS. Provided him with a 48/16 stereo wave file for processing. The program material was primarily speech, music and ambient sound. Within the program, you can choose from dozens of presets. The program will then process your audio to these prescribed specs. We discussed how this process in "no way" takes the place of a talented mastering engineer. He uses it on audio projects that will probably never make it that far. The results were surprisingly good. The finished audio had a smooth, professional sound. Not just compression or limiting, but a combination of equalization, compression and balance that I thought greatly improved the audio. This is a standalone program, not real time processing, such as a plugin would provide. It took about 4 times the audio length to process.


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