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  • AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System - www.curioza.com
  • AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System - www.curioza.com
  • AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System - www.curioza.com
  • AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System - www.curioza.com
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Welcome to AAMS, the introduction towards Automatic Audio Mastering!
A musician or technician working on music sound material, you need the best sound possible when releasing material to the public.
How do you know when audio material is equalized, compressed and maximized correctly and plays loud and evenly on all audio systems when it has been mastered ?
To master a mix in general takes a lot of time and the procedure is mostly done after the mix is polished enough to go through the mastering process.
To make a master that sounds alike on all speaker systems and also sounds like a real professional commercial recording is a difficult and time consuming task.

This is where AAMS steps in and takes control!
Providing a software package that supplies you with Full Automatic Audio Mastering.
Featuring suggestions for Equalizer, Multiband Compression and Loudness settings, internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections done purely inside the AAMS Program.
Making the Mastering Process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall sound quality, to process your Mix to a commercial great sounding Master.
Now you can listen to what you expect!
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    The mastering with AAMS can give your music the soaring highs and booming lows it needs to compete against all the other releases out there.
    Every major label release is mastered to prepare it for radio play and retail sale.
    In the studio you record one song at a time, resulting in songs that all peak at different levels and have different EQs.
    As AAMS mastering can unify your album with skillful use of EQ, gain, and compression to give it a consistent sound.
    From track to track. AAMS also pumps up the volume of your overall album.
    So it’s as hot as can be and make it sound unbelievable.
    With music mastering with AAMS you can get the professional sound you want at a fraction of the cost.
    You’ll get the same exact treatment that perfectionists such as commercial tracks.
    A fresh pair of ears can be the difference between a good sound and a great one.
    A real advantage of AAMS is that an unbiased sound has determine how to get the most out of your production.
    After you’ve spent weeks or even months in a recording studio listening to your CD over and over again,
    AAMS can put the project into perspective for you, and let you know whether will benefit from audio post production.
    After all, you only have one chance to make your music sound its best.
    The choice is up to you.

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