AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V3

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AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

The license and keycode are for all versions of AAMS V3 and upcoming V3.x versions.
User Registration is needed for administration purposes only and offcourse to open all professional features of AAMS Software.
We do not use your user information for other purposes but to keep track of the license system, read our license agreement.

A single registration license grants you acces to all professional functions with a single AAMS V3.x version installed on one single computer you retrieved the installcode from.
So be sure you have AAMS software installed on the computer you need the License for, wise the given Keycode will only work for that computer.

Just understand when you buy for the first time a registration license and pay 65 Euro's for a AAMS V3 single computer licence, you are a registred and licensed user. 
And when you send in the installcode, you will get an email with the corresponding keycode.
With this AAMS V3 registration as a user, you can register each extra copy on another computer of AAMS V3 software later on at a half price discount.
For AAMS V1 or AAMS V2 users there is a special Upgrade half price discount available towards all AAMS V3.x versions.
Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for us do our adminstration and send you the correct Keycode back.

To get send a invoice or have any questions, you can send an email or use the AAMS Contact Form below this website.


If you want to install AAMS V3.x version to another computer, you will get a different installcode.
Therefore the combination of installcode and keycodes given, are unique!
Each computer you install AAMS needs a seperate Full Registration License applied.
Therefore you can register a license for AAMS V3.x version for each single computer and it's installcode / keycode.
Every other computer (you have 2 or more computers) as a registered user there is a half price discount.
Because as a registred user can have one or more licenses at cheaper rates, but not the first license. 
For AAMS V1 or AAMS V2 users there is a special Upgrade half price discount available towards all AAMS V3.x versions.
Use our contact form for any keycode or license questions.

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Words from Author

Words from the Author of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

The programming of AAMS Started in mid-2004.
At which time I had done enough manual mastering to see that some aspects could be automated.
At first the AAMS V0.5 Beta program was only creating suggestions for EQ, Multi-Band Compression and Loudness.
This information was only displayed in charts and text, documents and could be used to set up external equipment like plugins or outboard gear.
I could listen each time AAMS calculated suggestions and confirm that it really did speed up the mastering process.
AAMS V1.0 was released on 01/01/2005 and soon a user base was established.
The information back from users confirmed that the suggestions where quite good and helped most users very well.
So for AAMS V1.5 I had to speed up the programs calculations, after some heavy DSP-EQ coding and reprogramming was done.
AAMS V1.5 was released with its own internal Player and DSP-EQ.
The DSP-EQ had a natural sound and worked correctly for most users, so the programming for DSP-Compressor and DSP-Loudness could

Now days AAMS V3 has got its own completed internal Mastering Rig! With the combination of DSP-EQ, DSP-Compressor, DSP-Loudness.
You can complete a quality mastering job within AAMS with ease and way less effort than doing things manually.
Including the user can now create, analyze and adjust and save the Reference Spectrum Preset as needed, therefore creating your own sound.
The AAMS V3 database is updated and renewed, so many users will find what they need in our software.
I have a good understanding of mastering and AAMS contains those ideas, with the main goal to provide easyness and quality.
AAMS users also have a lot to say and have good ideas, so if you have something to add your ideas will be listened to.
I do hope you have as much fun as me using the AAMS Program.
We do make a lot of work making AAMS a good and steady mastering alternative and I know AAMS can make a good sounding master.

Denis van der Velde

AAMS Information Pages

->> AAMS V3 - Introduction Manual <<-- 

Here you can find and read all information about AAMS. In the First Start section you can read how easy it is to audio master your audio tracks with AAMS!  How to create your own Sound!  All with just a few button clicks. Now you can listen what you expect!

AAMS V3 - Video Tutorials Page

AAMS V3 promotional and tutorials / demonstration Video's. Learn to use AAMS features step-by-step or hear audio that has been mastered with AAMS. Learn to do Audio Mastering with AAMS easy and fast for yourself! Learn how to create your own sound!


AAMS V3 - Audio Mastering Examples Page

AAMS Mastered Audio Files! The original audio files where not changed and are as found. These audio examples are mastered with AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System, Everything is done automatically and the audio files where not altered in any way or fashion.

AAMS V3 - Screenshots Page

AAMS V3 Screenshots will show the Frequency Spectrum, EQ and Compression, Loudness settings and all screens of AAMS. So you get an fast impression of how AAMS looks. AAMS saves the Audio Mastered file as a MP3 or WAV 16bit Linear or 32bit Float audio file.

Information Pages

AAMSExplainedAudio Mastering Explained

Audio mastering is a process that is done after audio is mixed. We can improve the audio by using tools alike AAMS to improve and to go by levels we need for the public to be happy and commercially acceptable.

AAMSBasicmixingBasic Mixing I

The fine art of mixing single audio tracks together as a whole is difficult, specially when you do not have some guidelines. Mixing it al up together, to make a whole overall coherend sound tight and together as one.

AAMS I Basic Mixing II & III

AAMSBasicmixingBasic Mixing II & III

Part II of our Basic Mixing Series! Dimensional Mixing in Depth (3D), understand how human hearing works and how to mix naturally. Know how to EQ and Compress musical tracks and instruments, know how to Mix!  

AAMSBasicmixingMusic Technique

Composing Music is mosly the first step to music creation. Although modern music allows crossing the borders between Composing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Information about chords, notes, scales and structure.




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