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AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System - Is Donateware.

This software package is available free of charge, but with a high encouragement that the user makes a donation to the author and main supplier of the product.
You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating on existing and upcoming products.

Whether you donate, and how much, is absolutely up to you. When you think that the software is worth it, you must give a donation.
When you are using this software for a longer time or using this software for commercial use, to earn money, you must think about giving a part of it to the author and make a kind donation.
We ask and we would like to encourage you to provide donations in multiples of $20, but of course we appreciate any amount. The original Shareware price of AAMS was 65 Euro's (just about $88). 

Click here to goto the AAMS Donations Page!

Words from the Author of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

I do hope you have as much fun as me using the AAMS Program.
We do make a lot of work making AAMS a good and steady mastering alternative and I know AAMS can make a good sounding master. So please donate for this software when you are using AAMS and like it! We can use the donations for future updates and for keeping AAMS alive.
Also we will use the donations for creating more software tools in future SSI releases.

Now days AAMS V2.5 has got its own completed internal Mastering Rig! With the combination of DSP-EQ, DSP-Compressor, DSP-Loudness. You can complete a quality mastering job within AAMS with ease and way less effort than doing things manually. I have a good understanding of mastering and AAMS contains those ideas, with the main goal to provide easyness and quality.
AAMS users also have a lot to say and have good ideas, so if you have something to add your ideas will be listened to. AAMS is also a good learning tool, for users who need more understanding about EQ, Compression and Loudness. And AAMS is mainly for you, free of use, and to help you with music making, mixing and mastering. Read our mixing documents on our site also 'how to mix'. A good mix will result in a good master!

For all users who want to know the background to of the creation of AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System, here are some words about the author. The programming of AAMS Started in mid-2004, at which time I had done enough manual mastering to see that some aspects could be automated.
At first the AAMS V0.5 Beta program was simply creating suggestions for EQ, Multi-Band Compression and Loudness. This information was displayed and could be used to set up external equipment like plugins or outboard gear. This was time saving and made the mastering process more visible. Then in AAMS V0.97 I added the routine for saving a Preset based on the Graphic EQ Suggestions that would help setting up EQ without having to do this manually (which that was time consuming). I could listen each time AAMS calculated suggestions and confirm that it really did speed up the mastering process. AAMS V1.0 was released on 01/01/2005 and soon a user base was established.
The best thing about releasing AAMS V1.0 to the public, was that more users where giving information back on their feelings about the program. The information back from users confirmed that the suggestions where quite good and helped most users very well. Although AAMS V1.1 needed some work to understand most users where very pleased with AAMS results.
So for AAMS V1.5 I had to speed up the programs calculations and change the AAMS V1.1 platform. This meant full recoding and programming. After some heavy DSP-EQ coding and reprogramming, AAMS V1.5 was released with its own internal Player and DSP-EQ. Now it was possible to listen and play AAMS Suggestions through a windows soundcard that helps
scanning for a good sound. The DSP-EQ had a natural sound and worked correctly for most users, so the programming for DSP-Compressor and DSP-Loudness could

Denis van der Velde
AAMS Author 

Donations by email.

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   or
This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .
Write down the amount of money you like to donate and the currency of your country.
We will send you an email back to you, with the information how to make a donation and an invoice.

AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V2.5 - (C) 2004-2014 Sined Supplies Inc.

You must donate for AAMS.
The AAMS software program, website and this manual gives information how to do so.
AAMS can be freely used.
This program is Free Distributable, i.e. you can evaluate this fully functional version.
Distribution of AAMS installer and AAMS software can be done on a freeware basis, take into account that asking money or payments for the AAMS software is prohibited and not legal.
AAMS is distributed on NON-COMMERIAL basis, so if you paid money for AAMS, ask your money back from the distributor.
When you commercially distribute AAMS Software or AAMS Coding or AAMS Install files or any reference that suggests commercial use to make money out of AAMS, you must stop your activities!

Our Software is now Available on +1000 Download Sites.
Just use a Search Engine alike Google to find AAMS.

Donateware Info.

Donateware (or donation ware) is a form of software distribution.
Distributed as freeware or Donateware stipulates that the user must donate to make use of the software.
Cause in order to "register" the software.
Normally the user does not need to contact the author with any information in order to "register" their program.
It is implicit with the donation (registering does not "unlock" any extra features).
Therefore, Donateware can be thought of as "freeware with a reminder to be charitable."
This means, you can freely download and distribute AAMS Software on a personal base and use free of cost.
We spend hundreds of hours every year to make unique products and many extra hours,
to test them so you get the best possible solution possible.
To continue further development and bring you the best possible tools, we need your support.

Support Donations!

We fully appreciate the generosity of those who donate and it is very important to us to maintain the community's trust.
If you use PayPal, they will require certain personal information from you in order to create and establish an account.
Some of this information, such as your name, e-mail address, and donation amount will be transmitted to our PayPal account upon receipt of donation.
Other details will only be held by PayPal, and not sent to us.
Rest assured that the details of any donation received, will be kept private and never sold or otherwise divulged to any third party.
When you have a credit card you can donate using PayPal.
Just click one of the buttons below and follow the instructions.